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We are recruiting all players, our focus is ICC and appropriate gear will be needed; all higher level players will start running ICC shortly. Everyone is welcome to join we will be helping our lower levels reach raiding status as well as helping any fresh 80s to get the raiding gear they need.
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What started as a small group of friends is now expanding into something much bigger. Now that summer is here and the extra free time that comes with it we decided to expand our guild. If you are new welcome, below are some things that our guild hopes to accomplish in the months to come.

·         We would like to start doing 10 and 25 man ICC

·         Group PvP in an attempt to start next arena season strong

·         Help our lower level characters to 80 and those without raiding gear get where they need to be to join us in our raids.

·         A weekly guild lottery

If you aren’t a raider we would still love to have you, as well as any lower levels that would like to raid in the future. We will try to find something to make the game more fun for everyone. Promotions will be based on donations to the bank, active participation in the guild, and participation in raids.

We plan on using DKP for our raiding loot system.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to post on the message boards or mail Veir in game.



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Veir6, Jun 1, 10 2:47 PM.
We are now recruiting anyone interested in joining our guild. Our focus is to find level 80 characters that are interested in raiding. If you would like to join pst or mail Veir in game. 
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